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Happy Groundhog Day! A Look Ahead to Sunny Days and Spring Landscaping


Thanks for bringing spring, Phil! It’s time to start thinking about spring landscaping!

A rodent didn’t see its shadow, so that means spring is coming! Groundhog day is a fairly weird tradition, but we’ll take it. For what it’s worth, we hope Punxsutawney Phil was right. After enduring the relentless Winter Storm Jonas, the Mid-Atlantic is finally starting to thaw out. Now, instead of hiding under the covers and waiting to be able to feel our toes again, we’re looking ahead to the bright and sunny days of spring. That means we’re already thinking about ways to prepare your yard for some spring landscaping. Hopefully this list of spring landscaping tips will help you shake the wintertime blues and get ready for greener pastures.

1. Research Ahead of Time

While the snow is still melting this weekend, you’ve got yourself plenty of time to learn more about your climate and the types of plants that grow best in your region. Just like any other home improvement project, spring landscaping requires some planning. So before your visit your local garden center or nursery, make sure you know what will thrive in your yard.

2. Prep for Pest Control

Knowing what type of plants grow best is only part of the battle. You should also know what types of bugs or other animals might want to come prey on your gorgeous spring landscaping work. Prepare in advance by thinking about fences, wire meshes, or natural forms of pest control.

3. Wait for It….

We know you’re anxious to get out there and start planting. We are too. But one of the most important landscaping tips is to make sure you plant at the right time to optimize your plants’ health. Listen to landscaping or horticulture experts and their suggestions as to when the best time to plant is, and your plants will be much happier for a longer time.

4. It’s Growing!!

This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but plants grow. When you’re planning out your spring landscaping space, remember to account for the fact that your plants will likely be much bigger in a couple years’ (or even a couple months’) time. Take this into account and plan for the long term look of your yard.

5. Be Inspired

Another fun way to pass the time during the winter months is to start looking for inspiration for your spring landscaping project. Scroll through sites like Pinterest for ideas and landscaping tips and let your imagination run wild. Maybe looking at sunshiney yards will make you feel a little warmer under your blanket.

These spring landscaping tips are just a few to get you started thinking about warmer weather. If you have any questions or concerns about your spring landscaping plan, never hesitate to contact us for answers or advice.

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