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How Can You Attract Birds to Your Yard This Winter?

birds in yard

Attracting birds to your yard this winter provides them with a stable source of food and you with the pleasure of watching them.

Despite Winter’s gray skies and freezing temperatures, the truth is that with the proper landscaping, the season has its own joys and beauty. One way the Winter reveals previously unseen beauty is in the excellent and too-rare glimpses of our feathered friends. While their antics are normally obscured by lushly-growing plants, Winter’s bare stems allow us watch them at work and at play, and watching them doubles as a great stress relaxer and an educational experience.

So naturally, you want to have as much time with your outdoor birds as possible. Here are a few things you can do to encourage them to frequent your garden.

It’s Pretty Simple to Have a Yard for the Birds

Dormant perennials – such as ornamental grasses, Black-Eyed Susans, coneflowers, and others – should be allowed to stand throughout the winter. Not only do their seed heads provide a structure for birds to perch upon, but birds can also enjoy scratching for the seeds all winter long. If you tidy up too soon, the birds will miss out on this great source of winter food.

To get the birds not only to come, but to stay, it’s essential to provide them a winter water source. Given that we live in the Baltimore area, we know all too well how water can freeze, which makes finding drinking water a challenge for birds. You can ensure regular visits from a variety of birds by using a bird bath with a warmer, or even a simple heated dog bowl to provide a steady source of water. However, it’s important to put a layer of sticks or stones over the dish so birds can drink from the water but not take a bath, which can be dangerous when temps go below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

By far the best way to attract birds is by planting shrubs and trees that are native to Maryland , such azaleas, rhododendrons and dogwoods. Because birds are used to finding food and shelter in the plants that grow naturally in a region, you’ll find that planting natives will attract them in greater numbers as they produce food at just the right times of year for your local birds. The best resources for finding out more about native plants for your area are local nurseries and landscapers, who will be used to using plants from your region.

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