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grassLandscape features require maintenance to look their best, and remain in excellent shape. Heritage Elite’s landscape maintenance services cover everything from trimming, mulching, pruning, to fertilizing. Our services will keep your flowerbeds, mulch, and other landscape features looking fresh and new throughout the entire year.

Our landscape maintenance services services are performed during the course of the year, and are designed to keep your property looking its best. In the spring we will mulch all of the beds, and edge them, along with removing any old or unwanted plants or bushes. Lawn fertilization services are recommended to help keep your property looking green and inviting. The fall service includes adding mulch and prepping the beds for winter. Both of these treatments are taken care of by our professional crews, who are experienced and knowledgeable in landscape maintenance.

Another part of our landscape maintenance services is leaf removal. When leaves build up on your lawn and in your beds, they can create mold and rot that kills plants and bushes, along with your lawn. Our crews remove all of the leaves from your property, and haul them away.

If you are interested in hiring Heritage Elite for your maintenance needs, contact us and schedule an initial visit. We will make a full assessment of your landscape maintenance needs, and discuss our methods and services with you in detail. Once this is complete we can provide you with a proposal and an accurate estimate.

Besides our landscape maintenance services, we offer lawn renovation services that can help bring back damaged lawns. Regardless of what your lawn currently looks like, our experts can bring new life to your property. In cases where excess water has damaged your lawn, Heritage Elite can perform simple drainage improvements to correct this problem.

Located in East Baltimore we work with clients across Maryland and surrounding areas, including southern Pennsylvania and Virginia. The landscape maintenance services we offer are tailored to fit the needs of homeowners and business owners.

Make sure your landscape looks clean and attractive throughout the year, with Heritage Elite. Call us at 410 686 2701 or send us an email.

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