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landscape-designA beautiful, manicured landscape begins with a plan, and unlike other landscape companies, Heritage Elite starts each project with a landscape planning and design meeting to discuss what you want to see when you walk out of your door. This crucial step allows us to obtain a complete picture of what you want, and then we plan how our team will bring your vision to life with our residential landscaping services.

After gathering details and information about the property, Heritage Elite produces an intricate, detailed blueprint that encompasses the entire project – regardless of its size. Drawing on our experience and knowledge, we recommend areas for plants, shrubs, and trees. We also take into effect factors such as sunlight, rainfall, and seasonal temperatures.

There is no charge for this blueprint, and after you have given approval, we schedule a start date. The crews at Heritage Elite are highly experienced, and trained to be professional and accommodating. They leave the area exactly as they found it, and remove any debris or materials before they leave.

Once the landscaping has been completed, your backyard will become your favorite getaway spot! We will review the entire project with you and ensure that it looks exactly how you want it. The project manager will also go over information such as watering schedules and any additional care you may have to perform on your lawn.

Heritage Elite has performed landscaping services for homeowners across the state, and in addition we have also helped institutions and universities in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia achieve their landscaping goals. All of the work we perform is handled by a team of professionals, who work closely with a project manager to ensure everything goes according to plan.

When you are ready to make the investment in your landscape, contact the professionals at Heritage Elite. Call us at 410 686 2701 or send us an email.

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