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6 Lawn Care Tips for Lush Lawn Growth


Get ready for a full and thick lawn with these tips!

Well…. Last week we thought Punxsutawney Phil was bringing us springtime, but Mother Nature must not have gotten the memo, what with dumping EVEN MORE SNOW on the East Coast this week. Clearly we need to work on our Groundhog-to-Mother-Nature communications system.

Anyway. Spring will come eventually. And when it does, your lawn probably won’t be in the greatest shape. The months of cold and the excessive amounts of snow that we’ve endured this winter will have taken a toll on your lawn, and lawn care will once again rise to the top of the to-do list. In anticipation of the warmer months that are bound to come sooner or later, here are some lawn growth tips for a thick and luscious lawn.

1) Sweeten Your Soil. No, not with sugar. With nutrients! Your lawn needs 6”-12” of nutrient-rich, non-compacted, well-drained soil to be happy and healthy. Proper aeration, fertilization, and soiling are great steps toward thicker lawn growth.

2) Need for Seed. Once your soil is ready for business, spreading grass seed will help grow a thick lawn. Makes sense, right? Plant more grass for a fuller yard. There are different types of seeds and different methods of seeding with different applications, so do some research and/or consult a lawn care specialist (like us!) for advice on the best product and method.

3) Mow, Mow, Mow Your Lawn. And do it often! Mowing on a proper schedule, you should only be removing about the top third of the length of your grass. Use a mulching blade to return nutrients back into your lawn will also help it grow thicker.

4) Water It Down. Lawns need about an inch or two of water every week for them to be healthy. If your area doesn’t get that much rain consistently, you’ll need to water it yourself or with the help of an irrigation system. Heavily and occasionally are the best ways to go, rather than small amounts daily.

5) Deal with Your Problems. Weeds, pests, and diseases are all capable of turning a gorgeous lawn into a mess. Treat your lawn with pest control and weed control to avoid damage, and other lawn health tips in this article will help avoid disease.

6) Let the Sun Shine Down. A healthy lawn needs about four hours of direct sunlight each day. Make sure that your lawn is getting enough sun and trim back trees if necessary to allow more sunlight to reach the ground. If you like your shade and want to keep it, there are other ways to occupy shady areas besides grass. Grass will still grow in shady areas, it just might not be as thick as other sunny parts.

There you have it. Eventually warm weather will return, and when it does, you’ll be armed with the lawn care knowledge to give yourself a gorgeous and luscious lawn all spring and summer. And, as always, if you need any assistance or have any questions, give us a shout.

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