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Plant installation servicesThere is more to planting bushes, shrubs, and trees than digging a hole in the ground. Heritage Elite’s plant installation services are comprised of several steps that help ensure the plants you have selected will not only take root, but also flourish and grow. We pride ourselves on taking all of the necessary steps in our plant installations.

The area where the plants will go is first rototilled by one of our professional staff members. Rototilling turns the soil and brings up stones, roots, and other debris to the top of the ground. What is left is a hole of the proper depth that is free of obstructions that can kill a bush, shrub, or tree.

After making sure the hole is deep enough, we expertly place the new plant. Once the plant has been secured, we cover up the hole and add a layer of topsoil. This layer of soil ensures that the plant is protected, and receives a constant source of nutrients that enable it to grow.

The other secret to a successful plant installation is making sure the right bushes, shrubs, and trees are selected in the first place. Our experience in this matter allows us to make successful recommendations. We take a variety of factors into effect when making suggestions, including soil content, shade and sunlight, temperature, and the physical location of the plant.

The plants that you select will be purchased by Heritage Elite from wholesalers that are trusted partners. We choose only strong, healthy plants and inspect them before installing them on your property. After everything has been planted, your backyard and property will be turned into a lush, relaxing space that is sure to become your favorite getaway spot. Our project manager will review each new plant with you, and provide instruction for care and watering.

Our relationship with you does not stop once the planting has been finished. We will contact you periodically to ensure that the plants are growing, and if there are concerns with the health or size of your new plants, we will come back to correct the problem.

Plant installation needs to be handled by the professionals at Heritage Elite. Call us at 410 686 2701 or send us an email.

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