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pondsA pond or waterfall enhances the look and feel of your home or business, and creates an environment that is calm and relaxing. The ponds and water fountains Heritage Elite installs on your property, turns it into a favorite getaway spot that you can visit whenever you want. Our expertise in this area covers everything from digging the hole to placing the water lines to making sure the control panels are properly installed.

Before the pond and waterfall design project begins, we schedule a meeting with you to discuss the process. This site visit also allows our experts to obtain a clear idea of the installation’s location, and how to best facilitate the project. Throughout the process you will have access to a Heritage Elite project manager who answers your questions and makes sure the project runs smoothly.

Installing a waterfall on your property might seem like a complicated task, but our professional knowledge and skill set ensures that the job is completed on time and on budget. Our crews are highly trained, and in addition to running the water lines and installing the waterfall, they can also take care of the hardscaping around the waterfall. Whether you want traditional brickwork, or something entirely different, Heritage Elite can handle it.

Much like a waterfall, an ornamental pond creates a tranquil setting that can be enjoyed by everyone. No matter what size you had in mind, we can accommodate your wishes. Digging the hole and installing liners is only the beginning – fountains, pavers, and hardscaping are other services we offer. We can even install a brick walkway for the perfect finishing touch. When the job is complete, you will have a pond that is the perfect place to relax after a hard day – or it can function as the centerpiece for entertaining.

End of the year closing services are available from Heritage Elite to protect your waterfall or pond. Our crew will visit your home or business and make sure the water has been properly drained and the control panel is shut down. This prevents pipes from bursting in the winter due to excess moisture.

For more information about a pond or waterfall, or to schedule a site visit,  call us at 410 686 2701 or send us an email.

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