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Tips to Protect Your Outdoor Fire Pit Throughout the Winter


snowy fire pit

Don’t leave your fire pit unprotected in the snow this winter!

Gathering around a crackling fire, maybe snuggled up with someone you love, maybe chatting with good friends and roasting marshmallows…. As night falls and the temperature drops with it, you snuggle a little tighter and scoot a little closer to the fire. Maybe a few snowflakes start to fall. The scene is practically picturesque, but it can easily be dampened by improper fire pit maintenance. Your favorite landscaping feature isn’t impervious to the elements, despite the heat that it carries in its name. By properly caring for your fire pit, you can continue to enjoy it through the winter and into the cool early summer nights that its use lends itself to just as well.

Keep Your Fire Pit Covered

When your fire pit isn’t in use, it’s important to keep it cleaned out and covered to protect it from winter weather. When rain or snow begins to fall, your fire pit will begin to collect standing water. This can lead to structural damage and rusting, both of which will significantly decrease its lifespan. Standing water and debris are also liable to come with an unpleasant smell, which would certainly put a damper on future nighttime fires and s’mores sessions. Just like many landscaping features, it’s important to protect it as best you can from harsh winter weather.

Portable or Gas Fire Pits

If your fire pit is portable and light enough for you to move on your own, it’s nearly as effective to move it under cover, like your deck or garage. For a gas fire pit, it’s important to disconnect the gas pipes and cover the openings to prevent humidity from gathering inside the gas lines. These landscaping features are relatively easy to care for, so take the steps now and avoid regret next time you want to gather around the fire.

Bonus Tips!

  1. If you have a wood pile that you use for non-gas fire pits, make sure you keep that covered as well so it stays dry and gives you better and easier fires.
  2. Dramatic temperature changes aren’t good for the materials your fire pit is made of. You’re not supposed to dump water on your fire in any scenario, but this is particularly important in the winter when the near- or below-freezing temperatures can cause the water to freeze and damage your fire pit

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