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Landscape Recovery After Snow Damage


Winter Storm Jonas blanketed the Mid-Atlantic in snow — how’s your landscaping holding up?

Well. It snowed. A lot. Obviously not ideal for any landscape. Is all the hard work that you’ve put into creating a beautiful outdoor space now for naught? Not necessarily. While your landscape likely may have suffered some snow damage, it’s not the end of the world. We can rebuild it. We have the technology. Or…at least the knowledge of what’s best to get on the road to landscape recovery after excessive snow damage. Use these tips to save your landscape, and don’t worry, it will return to its former glory eventually.

Stay Safe

First and foremost, your safety and health should be prioritized over the health of your plants and your landscape recovery efforts. Large cracked limbs, downed or sagging power lines, and hanging branches all pose serious safety concerns. These should be dealt with by professionals.

Leave Ice Alone

You can go ahead and remove snow from branches or shrubs, ideally with a broom. Just be careful of limbs springing upward as the weight of the snow is removed. However, removing ice can be dangerous to you and your plants. Trying to remove ice from branches will likely do more damage than good.

Dealing with Damaged Trees

If your trees have lost a branch or two and you have the proper equipment to do so, trimming broken branches will prevent infection and insect infestation in. Be sure to leave at least 1/4” of the branch collar to facilitate faster healing and speed up landscape recovery. Damaged trees and shrubs can take a year or two to fully recover, so try to be patient. At the very least, unless there’s clear structural damage, wait until spring to see if it looks okay when leaves return or whether it absolutely needs to be removed and you need to start looking for new trees.

Silver Linings

Some types of shrubs — lilacs come to mind — actually benefit from occasional pruning. Any snow damage can actually be a helpful motivator to go out and give your shrubs a little haircut, allowing them to grow back healthier and give you a nice start on your landscape recovery.

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