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Wintertime Curb Appeal

With the ushering in of winter’s colder temperatures, it is necessary to switch up your normal curb appeal routine to match the season. And no, we’re not just talking an inflatable Santa Claus or a strand of Christmas lights along your porch. We’re talking landscaping tips and tricks to nail your winter curb appeal.


Your curb appeal shouldn’t suffer just because it’s cold outside!

Wintertime Curb Appeal

Prepare and protect

All of what sets apart a house with extraordinary curb appeal and one that’s more mediocre is the work you put in behind the scenes. Preparing and protecting the hard work you’ve already put into your landscaping and curb appeal is key to making it stand the test of time—and harsh temperatures—throughout winter. Cut your lawn shorter than you would in the spring and summertime, at about two inches tall. Don’t forget to fertilize before the first snowflake of winter falls. Your lawn is the basic foundation for any home striving for exceptional curb appeal. Protect your lawn throughout the harshest of winters by giving your perennials enough mulch and by consistently raking leaves during fall. Follow these tips to give your home a jump-start in curb appeal for the winter season.

Spruce up your curb appeal

Just because it is winter, doesn’t mean you cannot work on your curb appeal. Plant some of the numerous “winter” plants to add a boost of curb appeal. Evergreens, hollies, crab apples and snowberries are all great plants to enhance your home’s winter curb appeal. Just make sure to plant your evergreens before it starts getting to cold.


Use the winter as a time to get those hardscaping projects done to enhance your home’s curb appeal. At a stone pathway lined with small lights for easy access through the snow or a string of lights in your plants to make your whole neighborhood envious of your curb appeal.

Not sure where to begin? Call you local landscaper at Heritage Landscaping for some tips to winter curb appeal.

Wintertime Design with Heritage Landscaping

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